Business operations is the #1 cause of lackluster results and company failures. The Ops Garage was started by Rob Ciampa to elevate the discussion of business operations (a.k.a. “BizOps”) from the fringe to the mainstream. He’ll be joined by other business professionals and thought leaders to challenge this assertion and to discuss ways to fix ops – and to get companies and other organizations performing at their best.

Rob, the Chief Mechanic at The Ops Garage, came up through the Italian restaurant and wine business in Boston’s historic North End to become an entrepreneur, provocative business speaker, best-selling book author, successful product, sales, and marketing executive, and now CEO of Business Catalytics, a company that uses data science to identify and fix business operations problems. He brought more than eighty products and services to market that generated nearly $2 billion in worldwide revenue. Rob has degrees in computer science, electrical engineering, and business management; holds patents in data transmission, analytics, and visualization; and thinks understanding 1,368 different Italian wine grapes is much more difficult than programming in Python.

Most recently, Rob spent five years as CMO and VP of Sales of Pixability, a company he helped transform from a fledgling startup of nine people to the fastest-growing privately held company in Boston and to the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies. Pixability led the innovation charge in the application of data science to video advertising, making it one of the world’s top technology platforms for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Rob has a history of ops-driven business transformation, which includes turning around a struggling software company, selling it a Fortune 500 company, and then growing product revenue from $30 million to over $100 million in 12 months. Additionally, he founded an international IT services company that went from zero to $27 million in service in 18 months. Rob also served as both engineering and marketing lead for an innovative product company that revolutionized communications and delivered $250 million in revenue.